Stauffer's Stars

Marianne Stauffer created Stauffer's Stars to assist musicians by arranging ways for them to meet and interact with the audience in an intimate gathering. In 2016 her son Craig joined forces with her by attending the SW Regional Folk Alliance convention and becoming involved in booking musicians around the country.

House Concerts are the perfect venue for this and we have lots of fantastic musicians to present to you! Most of them not only entertain by playing instruments and singing, but are also extraordinary songwriters!

Please help us support live music by arranging to host a House Concert. We will be delighted to include you at a future concert so you can see what a great experience it is! 

I am pleased to announce that we have officially become the booking agent for:
        George Ensle
Rickey Gene Wright
Randy Palmer
Jim Jones
Carl Solomon
Dave Dersham
Frank Martin Gilligan

To request more information, contact us at 281-776-0708 or use the link on the 'Contact Us' page.

Did you know that the first Grammy Ballot has four of this year's SW Regional Folk Alliance artists? They are:

The Flyin' A's

Libby Koch @ Google "Libby Koch Just Move On"

C. Daniel Boling

Richard Paul Thomas. You can hear SALADO at

Thanks for listening and supporting these SWRFA artists! 

Some of the other musicians we occasionally work with  include the following fabulous acoustic musician/songwriters:

Hogan & Moss - equal parts early country, power-folk & old timey valentine.

Lucky Mud - Original Contemporary Folk

Willie B. – Blues to Rock

Charm School -- Classic Rock, Blues

Doug MacLeod -- Original Blues

Van Buchanan -- Classic Rock, Country, Americana

Bob Cheevers – Americana, Folk, Blues

Brian Ashley Jones - Americana incorporating elements of Blues, Swing, Country, and Bluegrass

Glynace -- Folk

Patti Sullivan -- Folk, Rock, Blues

Cap'n Rick – Folk, Classic Rock, Blues

The Hanshaws – Country Duo

Gary Seber -- Acoustic percussive finger style guitarist.

Ken Gaines -- I dare you to pidgeon hole him into one genre!

TC Smythe -- Folk, Americana, Blues, Jazz